Related therapy or equipment used:
Nano Collodal Silver
Non Invasive Induction Therapy (available at Trumercentre)
Rebound Airwalker

I am  Joseph Yap and I would like to share what happened to me.

After attending church on 6th Sept 2015 and crossing Jalan 51A/223 (a one way street) to my car, suddenly a car from the right hit my right hips and I flew up and landed on my arms. All my shirt pocket purse flew out. I had some slight bruises on my palms and elbow. There were a few people who helped me up. Having a Nano Colloidal Spray in my car, I immediately sprayed on my palms and elbows. After that drove to Sultan Ismail for buffet lunch not knowing the seriousness of the accident. At the restaurant, washed the bruises and sprayed with Nano Colloidal Silver again. The wound and the bruises healed. I totally forgot about the incident any more. Then after about two weeks, there was a little sensation in the hips. My family then, brought me to the Sports Doctor in Subang Jaya to check. There was inflammation in the hips but not fractured at all. He found the right foot to be fractured between the big toe and the second toe. Immediately was put on using Rebound Air Walker and medication. No bandages. Immediately knowing there was a fracture, I soaked my foot with Nano Colloidal Silver for an hour. Did this process twice a day. Also used the Rehatron on the foot. After about two weeks, went to see the Sports Doctor again and found that, a little bit of the fracture was still there. Then I continued continued the same process for another two weeks. After that the Sports Doctor gave a clean bill of health. The fracture healed. Thanks be to God.  I have now put up the Rebound Air Walker for sale in TrumerX website to help those in need of these shoes.