Helen PK Tan’s testimonial dated June 12th 2012

I am Helen P.K. Tan i/c # 1085933, staying in Cheras.

In March 2008 I underwent an emergency operation at HUKM, due to perforated Colon.

While at the operation the surgeons found and identified 14 Lymph Nodes with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma(Cancer). Due to slow healing(wound break-down) on my operation wound, I have my first Chemotherapy(Rituximab) on Mid-July 2008. My 2nd Chemo was 21 days after the first, all my hairs begin to drop-off, mouth with ulcers, sore throat, no appetite to eat, loss of weight and moody.

On my 3rd Chemo, while the nurses were preparing me for the treatment, I came across another patient (lady) having the same type of cancer(NHL) and Chemo, when asked, told me that she have to repeat the treatment, as the cancer have reoccur after 9 months, after she completed the Chemo Course (6 cycles)

Though she is much younger than me, her health condition was much worse than me, I then decided to cancel my Chemo, but to concentrate on TRUMER CENTRE treatment.

TRUMER CENTRE, It is through the LOVE & GRACE of JESUS, that Bro Joseph Yap called me, introduce me to ALTERNATIVE CANCER THERAPY, which I was treated on. At first, we discussed and I decided to go for parallel treatment alternative cancer therapy/Chemo, but as I have said earlier after I saw with my own eyes the effect and result of Chemo Treatment on the lady patient with the same type of cancer as myself, I decided to continue TRUMER CENTRE treatment only.

At the Trumer Centre, the following devices:

1. Oberon Non Linear Analysis System (Diagnostics)

2. Rehatron Non Invasive Induction Therapy

3. Resonant Light

4. Rikta Laser Acupuncture

5. Multi Oscillator

6. Nebulizer

Except for Device #1,

For 5 days a week I have to use all the devices, spending a total to 8 hours per secession. During the first 6 weeks Bro Joseph was very kind to check on us regularly and spend time (1-2 Hours) explain, guide and show us, until we are comfortable with the devices. In addition to the above, I have also done:

1. Deworming and eliminate of parasite by taking Zentel and Prazquantel.

2. Flushed the vent duct of Liver and Gall Bladder with Apple Juice + Epsom + Olive oil mix with Lemon juice.

3. Nano Colloidal Silver

I drank about a 500cc of the Colloidal a day for about 3 weeks while under treatment. Twice a day and for about 45-60 minutes each time I soak my whole body, for a period of 2 months follow by once a day for 1 month. Perseverance, Patience and endurance, not forgetting strong support from family members is a must to be successful in this treatment. Yes!! we need to have Faith and Prayer. Since and till now I follow a very health diet….Eat more Fresh Vegetable no meat only fish, Plus Fruits/juice, drink plenty of water and regular exercise. NO refined Food.

I am glad that I can share my testimonial on the blessing I receive from JESUS.

Thank you JESUS, I praise you for bringing Bro Joseph Yap to help and guide me, when I need your HEALING. JESUS, bless Bro Joseph Yap with overflowing wisdom, and anoint your power of healing upon him. Amen.

Helen PK Tan

June 12th 2012