My name is Wong HK. I am 56 years old.

I was a Manager of a local bank before my retirement in May 2010. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer in June 2010. My PSA is 47. Doctor strongly advise me not to operate. Instead he put me on Hormone suppressing tablets - Casodex and also Jab - Zolodex - now changed to Zucrin.

The initial news affected me very badly and I was totally devastated. My wife & I prayed very hard. Our prayers was answered. An old colleague ( Ms Poh ) came back into my life. She very kindly made arrangement & personally took me to Trumer centre. Trumer centre also very kind to take up my case. I asked for the Nano Ionic Hydrosol Solution and started drinking it. At the same time I started the Cleansing & Detoxification , Building up my Immunity and also undergoing a Non Invasive Induction Therapy. Cleansing & Detoxification
I started with Deworming and Parasite elimination. The process entails consuming Zentel, a deworming tablets purchased at any pharmacy, for 3 days and thereafter I consume a special anti-parasite powder for another 3 days. I have to repeat this as the elimination was not complete. After a short rest I started on Cleansing of my Liver & Gall baladder. To do this I have to eat 4 apples for 6 days and on the sixth day I have to take Epsom salt & a mixture of lemon juice & extra virgin ( cold pressed ) olive oil. I have lots of stone discharged. I have since repeat this 3 times. For continuous cleansing I also take boiled Cassia seeds twice weekly till today. While all the above is happening I am always drinking my Solution.

- Building Up Immunity

I started with Cepel ( 1 course is 1 month ) and later took Beta Gulcan. In addition I also consume Vitamin B complex, C complex ( 3x 1000mg ), E & Omega 3 fish oil, Iron, Magnesiun, Selenium, Potasium and Himalaya mountain salt ( added to daily cooking ). I also took 60-90B good bacteria ( Probiotics ) daily and I also do coffee Enema once a week. Non Invasive Induction Therapy I am extremly grateful to be able to use this very expensive & special machine to assist to fight the cancer and restore vitality to my principal organs.

Soaking presently I am soaking the affected parts in this Ionic Solution ( not the drinking type ) to clear the remaining cancer. After all the above treatment , I could see my Blood test results improving and feel that my health has also drastically improved. Now, 10 months later , I am ' almost normal '. My PSA is now 0.1 During this time, I STOP eating ALL Meat ( of any form ), No Milk or milk products , No Alcohol, No tea/coffee and very little outside food. Avoided acidic foods including bread etc. Also I do not eat any PRESERVED food, No Fried food and No canned food including canned/ bottled soft drinks. NO sugar. I drink alot of blended green vegetables juice ( with pulp )- very regularly- for live enzyme. Eat Fresh fruit BEFORE meals. Eat alot of semi cooked vegetables. Bath early ( best before 6pm )and sleep early ( by 10pm ) and do regular exercise - make sure I sweat.

With God Blessing & Trumer centre help, my blood test result is almost ' normal ' and my PSA is 0.1 now. I have since ( over 3 months ago ) stopped taking Casodex and is working to stop the Jab - Zucrin. I am extremely happy to testify that Trumer product are very Original and totally Reliable. I am hopeful I can improve further and be able to live a useful live. I can never go back to my ' old way of living & eating habits '.